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  • The Spicey Chicken Cartel*

  • Welcome to the Spicey Chicken Cartel. I don't know exactly why you have chosen to visit this place, but I am glad you are here. So, pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, and prepare to be entertained.

    And what kind of entertainment should you expect? Well, with a name like "Spicey Chicken Cartel" you can bet it won't be those Live, Sexy Potatoes, All Dancing For You! from that other site. Also, despite the name, we are not primarily an eater's club. No, we are dedicated to something much more important than mere nutrition. Our goal is to augment the existing sites (like the MMF Hall of Humiliation) in the fight against Chain Letters, Ponzi Schemes, and other such MMFoolery. So, feel free to look though our site.

    A word of warning, first. This site contains dry, witty humor, written with a heaping helping of Irony and Sarcasm, and sprinkled with a touch of Adult-style innuendoes. There is the chance that, if you don't follow the "C&C" rule, you will end up spewing your liquid refreshment all over your monitor and keyboard, and cause your furry critter pet to head straight for the "Valium from the Vet". And, be especially wary if you come across the following:

    [Rating: C&C]

    I will not be responsible if any of the above happens, nor am I responsible if you insist on carrying a cup of HOT coffee between your legs while driving down a pot-hole filled street! Also, while I don't think I have any words here that most kiddoes haven't heard, if you are a parent you might want to read this site before you turn the little ones loose to play.

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Category: Nigeria 4-1-9

Condition Red: Latest News from the War on Error Terror

Cheesy Threat Advisory Level: Edam - RedIn light of a recent attempt to commit an act of alleged terrorism on board an aircraft, the Congress has announced that they will conduct a comprehensive probe of the flying public, in an effort to determine whether or not terrorists are likely to conce… more »

If he had been in the Netherlands, he would have rued the day he got caught...

This article in SecurityFocus discusses how one Russian stock spammer's illicitly-obtained $$$$MONEY$$$$$ gains have been frozen by the SEC, as they pursue remedies related to his scamming folks out of their online trading account creds, then using those… more »

Jarhead in Iraq, with Money 4 U... NOT!

It appears that one of the 'Lads from Lagos' has managed to join the US Marines. And, while the song says that when you join the Army "You'll never get rich". it seems that maybe our Lad found a way to make his fortune with the Jarheads -- and he needs… more »

Yet Another (Anti) Nigerian Scam Site

Found over at the MMF Hall of Humiliation Yes, a new site devoted to exposing Nigeria 419, HYIP, and other online scams has been discovered... It is called MakeMoneyFastWorld.com, and according to the website operator it is dedicated ...to the critic… more »

Nigerian E-Mail Conference

During a recent surfing expedition, Bruce Schneier stumbled across the website for The 3rd Annual Nigerian E-mail Conference. I re-read it, and it is still worthy of a Category 5 'C&C'* alert. (*C&C: in 'Net lore, this is a warning that what… more »