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Killing, Dying, and Other Subjects (that seem out of place in a discussion on religion)

I have grown wary (and weary) of the trolls I run across online, especially (but not only) over at the Houston Chronicle. In fact, I tend to avoid even looking at the comments on the stories, as too much of that type of stuff tends to dirty one's soul (a… more »

Ex malum bonus

This afternoon, I read something which weighed heavy on my soul: a blog post over at Houston Belief about a planned "observance" on September 11 this year. The observance? Just read an excerpt from the announcement:?On September 11th, 2010, from 6pm… more »

Reexamining my faith: Get Thee Behind Me

As I continue to grow older, I continually re-examine, and hone, what I believe. I have come to accept this as a part of growing up (though, having already passed a half-century of life, I sometimes wonder when I will officially be considered "grown up"… more »

THIS is why I believe

Sometimes, when I feel like the whole of existence has gone completely down the crapper, that the best thing to do would be to take a mulligan, hit the hard reset button, and start all over again, I come across something that renews my faith in mankind,… more »

Reexamining my faith: When Stuff Happens

This morning, one of my ministers posted an interesting topic on Facebook. Referencing Wesley's sermon on The Cause and Cure of Earthquakes, the minister asked if we agreed with Rev. Wesley, and to share our thoughts. I decided to provide a slightly ex… more »