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Security update for iPhone and iPod Touch announced

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Oh, the Places You Go?

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HOWTO: Wipe your iPhone

So, you have received your shiny new Precioussss iPhone 4. It has been unboxed, activated, loaded with your songs, videos, photos, and apps. Now, you are ready to recoup some of the $$$ you just spent by putting your old iPhone up on eBay, or Craigslis… more »

Conserving Energy: Hyper-miling with your iPhone

No, this post is NOT about how to get a riDONKulous amount of mileage out of a gallon of gas with your old clunker, despite the title. Instead, it is a response to a request from a friend of mine, who is attending SXSW in Austin… more »

My most-used iPhone apps

Over at Techblog today, "Evil" Dwight Silverman tells us about his 16 most-used iPhone apps, then asks... more »