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Top Chef 6: The Finals

It's been awhile getting to the point I could write about this. I'm not sure exactly why, but the finals (in two parts) just seemed so... anticlimactic. You had four totally badass chefts who, between them, won every Elimination Challenge during the sea… more »

Top Chef 6: The Four Horsemen Ride Again

With this episode, we come to the end of the run in Lost Wages Las Vegas, as the Final Four are determined.Very quickly, a change is noticed from the past few weeks... more »

Top Chef 6: Inspiration

So, this week I am going to indulge myself a bit, and focus on one of the chefts. A cheft who was one of the Four Horsemen of the Chefpocalypse, seemingly invincible, yet who is now hanging on the ropes. It actually started out with the beginning of t… more »

Top Chef 6: Reliving Past Reality TV Drama!

This week, we get a reprieve from watching the continuing saga of "The Meltdown of Cheft Jen", in the form of a "Top Chef All-Star Dinner." Under the guise of a sorta reunion of past finalists, we get an hour-long rehash of past Reality TV Drama, comple… more »

Top Chef 6: Veggie Pr0n!

What a difference a week makes! Jen is no longer the confident "I'll cook in my bathing suit and heels" cheft, now she has gone all introspective and self-doubting and morose. OTOH, Robin (the other female cheft left in the competition) is feeling her… more »