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Comment from: laanba [Visitor]
Wonderful, wonderful post Ed. I was getting so aggravated with some of the stuff I was reading on the corpse flower hashtag. I needed this reminder that it is the same trolls and people that talk without knowing what they are talking about that I run into in other corners of the internet.

Lois and the museum have made the month of July so much fun. I don't think the museum was out to get people. When they set Lois out in the Butterfly Center they really thought she was going to bloom within days. The fact that it took much longer than that is not their fault and certainly not part of some grand scheme hatched in the basement of the museum.

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07/24/10 @ 10:52
Comment from: mossrose [Visitor]
Well written Ed. Not to mention this is horticulture history right in H-town.
07/24/10 @ 11:19
Comment from: Kathy [Visitor]
Well said!
07/24/10 @ 11:24
Comment from: TeamLois [Visitor] Email
Thank you so much for your wonderful post! I saw the link to your blog on the live feed tweets. I've been watching Lois for days and haven't been able to get there, but will do so later tonight after a party.
I know my "whopping $8.00" will be more than worth it to see something that doesn't happen that often and only for the 2nd time in Texas! The museum deserves every dime they've collected. It's not free to keep the museum open 24/7. Truly, is $8 so much to see something so rare? And for those who think the whole Lois saga was a ploy by HMNS, puh-leeeeeze. It's not HMNS, it's "Mother Nature" and she has her own clock and her own timeline for all things. :)
I wasn't too thrilled with the whole tweet thing myself, since I haven't 'crossed over' to twitterdom yet, but now I must admit, it's nice to read what others thought of their visit(s). It also made me smile to see how so many different people have gotten on the Lois train.
Thank you again. I can't wait to see her tonight. Even if the smell has waned! ;)
07/24/10 @ 11:28
Comment from: asz [Visitor] Email
Great blog post! I don't think I have been this excited about a natural wonder since the most recent passing of Halley's Comet (way back in the 80s). I have been following Lois' progress and have taken advantage of an awesome learning opportunity for my 7yo daughter. Talk about summer school! the HMNS sure has a lot to offer.

Yes, the media has been there, waiting and waiting and it has been good business for media and museum alike. There are many other stories (ugly) stories covered that I can really stop, but for Lois...c'mon! It's not like a bloom like this occurs all the time, so for the HMNS folk to not get it right on is not unrealistic. I think the wait made it the more spectacular and I would have not been happy if I had heard about it the day of.
On a side note, our HMNS membership expires 7/31/10 and was considering dropping it. Knowing all they do and how much our $ helps expand the programs has made me change my mind.

Thumbs up to all!
07/24/10 @ 12:33
Comment from: PJ Holliday [Visitor]
Good job, but I have to admit my patience wore thin on the trolls, so I just wstopped watching. no reason to spoil my Lois experience now by getting all upset. did you see my blog?
Lois and Me

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07/24/10 @ 14:21
Comment from: MainlineMom [Visitor]
Great post, Ed. I was unaware there was any backlash but I'm not surprised. I agree totally that it was well worth it. I never got a chance to visit Lois, but I love the Butterfly center and HMNS in general.

07/25/10 @ 18:59
Comment from: etee [Member] Email
MainlineMom - The backlash wasn't real widespread. In addition to the usual trollish commentary on, there were several trolls and discontents that started using the #CorpseFlower tag on Twitter (meaning they showed on the site with the webcam images), some of which bled over into Facebook, thanks to the auto-feeds from Twitter. After a while, it sorta got under my skin, prompting this post.

On the bright side: a whole lotta folks enjoyed seeing Lois (also Zac and RedShirtGuy), and Bonnie did us all a favor and stayed away!

Hope you're enjoying your time back East, we'll be sure and save some heat & humidity for your return! :-)

07/26/10 @ 04:52
Comment from: etee [Member] Email
asz - I am so glad to hear you are renewing your membership - and you are right, when dealing with new/unusual life forms, things don't always go perfectly (just ask any parent!)

laanba - It's also interesting to see how many pics of Lois are showing up in "Assignment: Houston" this month! (Including from me!)

mossrose - "horticulture history" - love it!

07/26/10 @ 05:01
Comment from: etee [Member] Email
One last thought that just crossed my mind, after I wrote my reply to Mainline Mom: "Lois" was responsible for the 'creation' of 3 new local celebrities: @HortZac, #RedShirtGuy, and @CorpzFlowrLois. Three celebrities, not because they can play a sport, or make a film, or due to being part of a human train wreck, but because of a flower. And, because they were good at what they did. A horticulturalist, a photojournalist, and an online media editor. What role models for our kids to follow!

07/26/10 @ 05:17
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