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Comment from: John Falconer [Visitor]
Interesting ... and your going to the event and taking pictures educated me (plus got me to look into who the WBC crazies are) on an aspect of irrational hate that I was not aware of - what a sad thing that the WBC founder has managed to keep this tirade of hate alive for so many years. John
01/04/10 @ 22:07
Comment from: David Killion [Visitor]
Great article, Ed. I applaud yor reasons for being there.
01/05/10 @ 06:53
Comment from: Jerry Turner [Visitor]
I was there, we (Veterans and Bikers) were there because we cared and could not let this protest go unchallenged, as General Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower said on viewing the death camps, document this fully, take many pictures, for some will not believe this, and in 30 years they will deny that it ever happened...Never Forget-Never Again!
01/07/10 @ 11:39
Comment from: etee [Member] Email
Jerry - this disabled veteran is proud to have had the opportunity to stand up to these kooks with you fine folks. Your continued service is very much appreciated by the community.

01/07/10 @ 12:18
Comment from: Farmer Jim [Visitor] Email
Jerry, A big GOODONYA to you and the other guys who showed up. I stood with the PGR at the funeral in Houston for a young medic killed in Iraq when these people were rumored to be planning one of their demonstrations but they never showed up. I know you do this sort of thing regularly and you have my deepest respect.
01/07/10 @ 16:30
Comment from: Marebear [Visitor]
A HUGE thank you to all of you who stood against these protestors. It is not enough to simply ignore their idiocy - we MUST stand!
01/16/10 @ 07:46
Comment from: iratollah [Visitor]
A big Texas thank you to all the riders who came out on that very cold morning to stand up against the haters in front of this sacred memorial (it's not simply a museum). Yes, that was the director of the museum out thanking the riders. Kudos to the riders who stayed to tour the museum, they were all very moved by the experience, as were the museum employees and volunteers touched by the riders.
02/11/10 @ 23:08
Comment from: Jim Becka [Visitor]
Thanks for the photos. I believe in free expression and the right for people to show their ignorance; however, I pray the American public will see the difference between right and wrong. Tasteless protesting in front of a sacred place like the Houston Holocaust Museum is definitely legal but immoral. Thanks to the bikers for showing up.
07/30/10 @ 15:15
Trackback from: etee's Blog [Visitor]
Ex malum bonus
This afternoon, I read something which weighed heavy on my soul: a blog post over at Houston Belief about a planned "observance" on September 11 this year. The observance? Just read an excerpt from the announcement:
?On September 11th, 2010, from 6p...
08/05/10 @ 20:04
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