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Comment from: Julie Pippert [Visitor]
I am LMAO. We are actually going to get weather here, and here at sea level we worry most about water, flooding. Hence my major irrigation and pond project all summer long LOL.

But Ft. Bend...that's inland. So I'm with you on the smartassery. All the news last night was: how Ft. Bend prepares, Sugarland gets ready for hurricane, and I'm like HELLO WTF?!?!
08/05/08 @ 09:09
Comment from: Dona [Visitor]
I know it's rainning out there,but is it a special or different kind? If it is ,I'll call it in to the TV channels and they can tell me how I should worry or maybe ,even panic
08/05/08 @ 09:30
Comment from: Julie Pippert [Visitor] Email
Best storm coverage.

My favorite "hot storm tip" from the newscasters was to take my dog outside on a leash to reorient him after the storm.


Maybe it's b/c I have a lab and they are smart and water dogs.


P.S. Dog is on photo gallery:
08/05/08 @ 17:30
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